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Whether you're a small organization new to the Internet world, or a large organization with dozens of EnGarde servers, your security needs are just as important. A security system that is out of date leaves you more susceptible to cyber vandals. Maintaining system security, effortless system maintenance, free product updates and advice, tech support information, custom security improvements, keeping up to date with the latest software improvements, and obtaining access to technical support has been difficult, until now. Guardian Digital's Secure Network is a means to keep your systems updated while at the same time receiving authoritative advice, information, and additional services from the experts. Have the security experts at Guardian Digital on your team. Click here for more information.

Click here for the legacy EnGarde 1.0.1 advisories.

Advisory Date Subject
ESA-20030430-014 April 30, 2003 Multiple 'tcpdump' vulnerabilities.
ESA-20030515-015 May 15, 2003 'sudo' heap corruption vulnerability.
ESA-20030515-016 May 15, 2003 'gnupg' key validation bug.
ESA-20030515-017 May 15, 2003 'kernel' several bug and security-related fixes.
EBA-20030520-018 May 20, 2003 'swatch' incorrect value in default configuration.
EBA-20030521-019 May 21, 2003 PHP debugging and PEAR fixes.
ESA-20032407-018 July 24, 2003 This kernel update fixes several bugs and vulnerabilities.
ESA-20030804-019 August 04, 2003 Postfix remote denial of service vulnerability
ESA-20030806-020 August 06, 2003 There is a signal handler race denial-of-service vulnarebility in stunnel.
EBA-20030806-021 September 11, 2003 This version of stunnel correct bug which causes defunct processes in local mode.
ESA-20030911-022 September 11, 2003 The pine e-mail client may be exploited by a remote attacker by sending the victim a specially crafted email.
ESA-20030916-023 September 16, 2003 The OpenSSH daemon contains a potentially exploitable buffer management error.
ESA-20030918-024 September 18, 2003 The OpenSSH team discovered more buffer management bugs (fixed in OpenSSH 3.7.1) of the same type.
ESA-20030918-025 September 18, 2003 The MySQL daemon contains a buffer overflow which may be exploited by any user who has ALTER TABLE permissions.
ESA-20030924-026 September 24, 2003 The WebTool's User Password Changer contains an SSH passphrase disclosure vulnerability.
ESA-20030930-027 September 30, 2003 OpenSSL ASN.1 parsing vulnerability.
ESA-20031003-028 October 03, 2003 OpenSSL potential denial of service vulnerability.
ESA-20031104-029 November 04, 2003 OpenSSL ASN.1 parsing denial of service.
ESA-20031105-030 November 05, 2003 'apache' buffer overflow in mod_alias and mod_rewrite.
ESA-20031126-031 November 26, 2003 BIND cache poisoning vulnerability
ESA-20031204-032 December 04, 2003 'rsync' heap overflow vulnerability
ESA-20040105-001 January 05, 2004 'kernel' bug and security fixes
ESA-20040119-002 January 19, 2004 'tcpdump' multiple vulnerabilities
ESA-20040317-003 March 17, 2004 'openssl' Denial of Service vulnerabilities.
ESA-20040428-004 April 28, 2004 'kernel' Several security and bug fixes.
ESA-20040621-005 June 21, 2004 Multiple 'kernel' vulnerabilities

Guardian Digital, Inc. is not responsible for the misuse of any of the information we provide on this Web site and/or through our security advisories. Our advisories are a service to our customers intended to promote secure installation and use of EnGarde Secure Linux.

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