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Welcome to Guardian Digital's Mailing List Archives. Here you will find an abundance of resources relating to Guardian Digital and other open source projects. If you would like to add your mailing list to this collection or if you are unable to find the information you are searching for, please contact us at info@guardiandigital.com

    Small Bullet Amavis
This list is intended as a general support and discussion list for Amavis.

    Small Bullet BugTraq
BugTraq is a full disclosure moderated mailing list for the *detailed* discussion and announcement of computer security vulnerabilities: what they are, how to exploit them, and how to fix them.

    Small Bullet Firewall Wizards
The purpose of the list is to provide you with a moderated firewall and security related list that is more like a journal than a public soapbox. Firewall-Wizards will not cluttered with spam, flames or other non-list related traffic. The addresses of the list members will not be made available for any purpose other than maintaining the list. This is because we feel your participation on this list is your decision and should not be an invitation to unnecessary junk mail.

    Small Bullet Focus IDS
The FOCUS-IDS list exists to allow people to discuss detection of intrusions. This includes both discovering invisible hacker activity (such as "stealth scans") as well as finding systems that have been compromised.

The FOCUS-IDS mailing list is a lightly moderated mailing list. Moderation is in place to control spam, flames, off-topic discussion, and to kill tired threads.

    Small Bullet Full Disclosure
Unlike bugtraq, this list serves no one except the list members themselves. We don't believe in security by obscurity, and as far as we know, full disclosure is the only way to ensure that everyone, not just the insiders have access to the information we need to survive.

    Small Bullet Honeypots
For information about this list, please visit http://seclists.org.

    Small Bullet Linux Kernel
The mission of vger.kernel.org is to provide email list services for the linux kernel developers.

    Small Bullet MySQL
This is the main list for general MySQL discussion. Please note that some topics are better discussed on the more-specialized lists.

    Small Bullet OpenSSH Unix Dev
This list is for the discussions relating to the development of the portable version of OpenSSH. The developers list is currently open for non-subscribers to post to. Traffic is light to moderate (zero to twenty messages per day). Valid subjects are the development of OpenSSH (both portable and OpenBSD versions), documentation and troubleshooting (assuming you have read the manual). HTML or "rich text" formatted email, large attachments or discussions about the occasional spam message that makes it onto the list are strongly frowned upon. Posting requests for help which demonstrate your lack of familiarity with the basic documentation will get you a lot of "RTFM" responses.

    Small Bullet Penetration Testing
While this list is intended for "professionals", participants frequenly disclose techniques and strategies that would be useful to anyone with a practical interest in security and network auditing.

    Small Bullet Postfix
For information about this list, please visit http://www.postfix.org/lists.html

    Small Bullet Security Basics
This list is intended for the discussion of various security issues, all for the security beginner. It is a place to learn the ropes in a non-intimidating environment, and even a place for people who may be experts in one particular field but are looking to increase their knowledge in other areas of information security.

    Small Bullet Security Bulletins
Cyber Security Bulletins provide weekly summaries of security issues and new vulnerabilities. They also provide patches, workarounds, and other actions to help mitigate risk.

    Small Bullet Snort
This list is for public announcements regarding Snort. Moderated.

    Small Bullet Tripwire
For information about this list, please visit http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=3130.

    Small Bullet VPN
The VPN mailing list is a forum for the discussion of supporting private network connections over public telecommunications infrastructure, such as the Internet. The list is moderated by Tina Bird. Appropriate postings will relate to all varieties of VPN technology: subscription services, in which an organization outsources the maintenance of the VPN system; in-house systems, including both hardware and software implementations; security policy issues relating to the use of VPNs as a means of remote access; and legal/regulatory concerns, domestic and international.

    Small Bullet Vuln Dev
The VULN-DEV list is dedicated to the concept of full disclosure. We believe that release of exploit code serves the security community overall. Since the list is dedicated to interactively developing exploits, there will there will generally NOT be an opportunity to warn software vendors or authors. In many cases it will not be clear that there is a problem until the exploit or description is finalized, at which point all list subscribers will know. It is very appropriate to notify vendors or authors as soon as it is clear there is a problem.

    Small Bullet Web Application Security
For information about this mailing list, please visit http://seclists.org.

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