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From: Gary Verchick (lists@johnmecham.com)
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 10:49:35 EST

I just wanted to report that after solving the few
glitches I mentioned that I trusted Mark enough to run
this on a small production system (1500 messages per day)
throughout the night and am happy to report it has
functioned for me without problems. I'm going to keep it.

So, for me to upgrade from 2.2.0 it was:
Make sure all modules are at or above the recommended versions.
Use caution on Debian as upgrading modules may also upgrade Perl.
Your OS may also resolve dependencies by doing this.

Install Convert::BinHex (I used Debian libconvert-binhex-perl package)
Install Pax (I used Debian pax package)
Place $pax = 'pax'; in amavisd.conf
I edited source and changed /etc/amavisd.conf to /etc/amavis/amavisd.conf
to reflect my current config location (probably a better idea
is to simply create a sym-link).
Because I have amavisd.conf in it's own directory, I solved the
security problem by 'chmod 644 /etc/amavis' but others
would need to apply the patch listed above or comment out the test.
I suppose others could also create /etc/amavis and move amavisd.conf
there, change permissions, and create a sym-link from
/etc/amavisd.conf to /etc/amavis/amavisd.conf:

mkdir /etc/amavis
mv /etc/amavisd.conf /etc/amavis/amavisd.conf
chmod 644 /etc/amavis
ln -s /etc/amavis/amavisd.conf /etc/amavisd.conf

on a non-chrooted Linux box. This may actually add a little more
security but I don't know if it could cause other problems.
The program ran on my box, so I assume it is OK.

BTW, I looked at the sites you mentioned for downloading the
pax program and they appear to want to install other programs
along with pax. Other that using an OS's package, is there a
way to ONLY install pax from source?

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