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From: Keith Peer (vexira@gmail.com)
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 17:57:00 EST

Hope this helps.

Return values

Besides the program displays result of scanning on the screen or in
log file it is able to inform users about scanning tasks' results by
return values. This feature is useful for getting information in case
of scanner is run automatically or scheduled.

There are three different basic return values:


Suspicious or infected objects were not found.


Suspicious or infected objects were not found among target objects.


The specified actions (`--action') were performed successfully on the
suspicious or infected objects (except if they were "stop" or "skip").

If errors occur during scanning, the program is not able to check or
clean some specified objects completely. The return values can change
depending on the errors as follows (the status order is equal to the
basic values'):


Some files could not be read because of password protection or they
were corrupted or exploit danger. These files may carry malicious


System error during scanning.

After it had been repaired you should retry scanning. The cause of the
error is that the specified files do not exist or the program has not
permission to access to them. High loaded systems could also result
the same error codes.

Generally, higher error codes mean bad parameter specification:


Invalid command line or configuration file parameters, check them!


Failed to run scan engine or the specified virus database does not exist!


Bad (incompatible) virus database. Check its version!


Failed to start scanning maybe for short system resources!


Unable to initialize quarantine! Check the value of `--quarantine' parameter!


Program running aborted by external request. (SIGINT, SIGTERM)

Return value is always 0 if quarantine operations could be performed

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