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From: Mark Martinec (Mark.Martinec+amavis@ijs.si)
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 20:08:08 EST


> well, actually only spam-lover didn't work.
> We don't want to update to the new release of amavis.
> So, do you think it is worth to look into the amavis-code and fix the
> spam-lover problem by myself?
> I don't think that someone tried it yet, or?

I don't remember anyone complaining about spam-lovers in LDAP
not working in 20030616, but is also true that not many people
were using the feature.

If you insist of not going away from 20030616, it is probably
worth investigating a cause. As far as I know, this feature
was supposed to be functional.

Btw, you will be missing lots of robustness and security improvements
done since then. Although re-indented (making diff useless), the 2.x code
is not fundamentally different from 20030616.


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