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From: Daniel.Luttermann@t-online.de
Date: Thu Dec 23 2004 - 20:53:49 EST


first let me wish you all a merry christmas.....

I've updated amavisd to the new version 2.2.1. Now I would like to test
DSPAM in conjunction with SA 3.0.2 and amavisd.

I've configured dspam and it works so far. If an email comes in it get
checked by sa and dspam. But I wonder about these amavisd log file

Dec 24 02:15:03 mail amavis[3969]: (03969-03) p003 1 Content-Type:
Dec 24 02:15:03 mail amavis[3969]: (03969-03) p001 1/1 Content-Type:
text/plain, size: 312 B, name:
Dec 24 02:15:03 mail amavis[3969]: (03969-03) p002 1/2 Content-Type:
text/html, size: 767 B, name:
Dec 24 02:15:06 mail amavis[3969]: (03969-03) DSPAM learn SPAM (21.968),
Dec 24 02:15:06 mail amavis[3969]: (03969-03) DSPAM: different opinions:
Innocent, 21.968
hits=21.968 tag=3 tag2=6 kill=10 tests=DNS_FROM_RFC_ABUSE, DSPAM_HAM,

As you can see there are some entries like "DSPAM learn SPAM" and
"DSPAM_HAM". I don't understand why the mail gets tagged as DSPAM_HAM...
I've now several mails that dspam learns as spam but in the amavisd
tests the mail gets tagged as ham.

In local.cf I've set these values:

header DSPAM_SPAM X-DSPAM-Result =~ /^Spam$/
describe DSPAM_SPAM DSPAM claims it is spam
score DSPAM_SPAM 0.5

header DSPAM_HAM X-DSPAM-Result =~ /^Innocent$/
describe DSPAM_HAM DSPAM claims it is ham
score DSPAM_HAM -0.1

Are the above log entries from amavisd correct?


Daniel Luttermann

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