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From: Daniel.Luttermann@t-online.de
Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 16:41:11 EST

Hi Shahid,

>I have sent a spam test and it seem to work and the subject it changed
>"*** SPAM **. I also want original message to be in the attachment
>in BODY? Perhap the BODY will contain Info about the spam. That is
>to 'report_safe 1'?
>In /usr/local/etc/mail/spamassassin/local.cf - I included this only:
>report_safe 1
>Then restart amavisd and no effect it made.
>Any clue?

See amavisd faq:

amavisd-new does not modify mail body or lets SA do it (with the
exception of
defanging, introduced with amavisd-new-2.0). All mail (header) editing
is done
by amavisd-new and not by SA. Even though SA does observe options in its

configuration file to rewrite mail body and modify mail header, the
result is
purposely not used by amavisd-new.

You have the option to use defang in amavisd.conf.

# MIME defanging wraps the entire original mail in a MIME container of
# 'Content-type: multipart/mixed', where the first part is a text/plain
# a short explanation, and the second part is a complete original mail,
# enclosed in a 'Content-type: message/rfc822' MIME part.
# Defanging is only done when enabled (selectively by malware type),
# and mail is considered malware (virus/spam/...), and the malware is
# to pass (*_lovers or *_destiny=D_PASS)

The option is: $defang_spam = 1;

But it's only active when you use spam_lover or final_destiny=D_PASS.


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