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From: Mark Martinec (Mark.Martinec+amavis@ijs.si)
Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 20:49:35 EST


> Is it OK to start amavisd via a PERL call using the debugging flag ?

Yes, just add '-d' to the first line in file amavisd.

You may also want to disable Net::Server pre-forked environment
to let the processing stay in the same debugged process:

find the lines:
# @ISA = qw(Net::Server);
@ISA = qw(Net::Server::PreForkSimple);

and replace with:
@ISA = qw(Net::Server);
# @ISA = qw(Net::Server::PreForkSimple);

> What to do when malloc is then looping ?

I sincerely doubt that malloc is looping. Must be something else
that is causing large number of calls to malloc.

> > The output 'amavis debug' or 'amavisd debug-sa'
> > at the time when the situation occurs is more useful, at least
> > during initial investigation.
> Which interesting information will be output here, about the looping
> malloc ?

The interesting would be the last couple of lines logged by the process
before it became unresponsive or looping. It will likely narrow down
the code section that later got into trouble. Inserting some test
'print STDERR ...' into the SA or amavisd will likely bring you
closer to the failing section faster that struggling with a debugger.


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