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From: Mark Martinec (Mark.Martinec+amavis@ijs.si)
Date: Wed Dec 29 2004 - 07:49:11 EST


> I am having trouble with our mail gateway server. It is a Debian box
> running Postfix (2.1.4-5) and Amavis+Maia (2.2.0 version date 20041102).
> We are also running mysql 4.0.21-6 and Spamassassin 3.0.1.
> Normally the server runs fine. But occasionally it will kill quarantined
> mail after it has been "blessed" and allowed into the network.... When we
> see this error (about 2-3X a day), the mail is completely lost.
> Dec 26 12:55:01 SERVERNAME amavis[22778]: (22778-02) SMTP TROUBLE: 451
> 4.5.0 Error writing a SMTP response to the socket: Broken pipe at (eval 36)
> line 769,

What are the corresponding log entries from the Postfix log?

It is quite unconceivable that mail would be lost - more likely it would
be delivered twice. It looks like Postfix smtp went away (timed out, crashed)
and amavisd-new could not feed back its final SMTP response. The normal
MTA behaviour is to keep mail in the queue if it did not receive the 2xx


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