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From: Markus Oestreicher (m.oe@x-trader.de)
Date: Fri Dec 31 2004 - 07:01:28 EST

> If my current config is: "content_filter = smtp-amavis:[]:10024",
> what would the proper transport_map look like to only process email for
> foo.com?
> In addition if foo.com is a virtual domain that I have declared using the
> virtual_domain_maps, what impact (if any) would this transport map have?

You should use two instances of postfix. I use that setup myself.

The first is listening to the outside. After rejecting unknown users
you can use transport_maps to send the messages to the second instance,
either directly or through amavisd-new:

filtered.com smtp-amavis:[]:10024
unfiltered.com smtp-amavis:[]:10025

and you should set default_transport=smtp-amavis:[]:10025 to
avoid problems when the transport map is incomplete.

(Using amavisd-new policy banks you can have multiple configurations
listening on 10022, 10023, etc.)

The second instances listens on localhost:10025 and does all the
virtual aliasing.


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