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From: ALD, Aditya, Aditya Lalit Deshmukh (aditya.deshmukh@online.gateway.expertworks.net)
Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 06:59:53 EST

I am going to install OpenSSH in one of my servers, but I want to make
>sure it is secure.
>Does anybody know about vulnerabilites on OpenSSH, if yes, would you
>like to suggest me another remote secure shell ?

There is a strong possibility that open port 22 will start attracting script
kiddies from the net like a dead animal attracts flies.....

Openssh or any version of ssh does not have any holes in it right now but
new holes are being discovered all the time. The best bet is to implement
some thing like port knocking to avoid this sort of direct expoosure to the
net or atleast run it on a non std port


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