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From: J.A. Terranson (measl@mfn.org)
Date: Fri Dec 24 2004 - 10:56:04 EST

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, Exibar wrote:

> I applaud Yahoo for adhearing to their policies. All the familly has to do
> is send legal documents of their son's death, and legal documents stating
> who they are. At that point I'm sure the account information will be
> released as per Yahoo's policy.

Yahoo's policy says that death terminates the account: they better have a
TRO served up with that notice ;-)

> Instead of trying to get the media involved, they should be getting their
> laywer involved as the clock's ticking on the 90 no-activity delete. Their
> lawyer will know the correct documents to send over to yahoo as proof of
> their son's death and that his parents have control over their dead son's
> belongings/estate.

I've been wondering why they went the PR route, and the answer which
comes to mind is that his parents may *not* be the estate holders ;-)
Perhaps there is a will which they don't like? Or a wife? Maybe a

> Perhaps what yahoo *could* do, or *should* do, is remove the 90 day
> time-out on their son's e-mail account until they can have a chance of going
> through the courts. Perhaps extend it up to 365 days...

Why? They have a well defined set of account terms, which the decedent
specifically acknowledged and agreed to. Why should some outsider be able
to come in and change the rules after the fact? Why does everyone assume
that the decedent would approve of his family getting control of his

J.A. Terranson
 Civilization is in a tailspin - everything is backwards, everything is
upside down- doctors destroy health, psychiatrists destroy minds, lawyers
destroy justice, the major media destroy information, governments destroy
freedom and religions destroy spirituality - yet it is claimed to be
healthy, just, informed, free and spiritual. We live in a social system
whose community, wealth, love and life is derived from alienation,
poverty, self-hate and medical murder - yet we tell ourselves that it is
biologically and ecologically sustainable.
The Bush plan to screen whole US population for mental illness clearly
indicates that mental illness starts at the top.
Rev Dr Michael Ellner
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