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From: Exibar (exibar@thelair.com)
Date: Sat Dec 25 2004 - 01:49:10 EST

  His parents become the gardians of his estate by default (assuming he
wasn't married or had children). His parents now own everything that man
had while alive, digital and physical.

  Same thing as if I had died, my wife would inherit everything that I own.
Yahoo's only in need of a legal document stating that, then they will have
to relinquish the password for his account. If they do so before they
receive this document, then they are breaking their own policies.

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  Exibar wrote on 12/23/2004 09:36:40 AM:

> I applaud Yahoo for adhearing to their policies. All the familly has to
> is send legal documents of their son's death, and legal documents
> who they are. At that point I'm sure the account information will be
> released as per Yahoo's policy.
> Instead of trying to get the media involved, they should be getting
> laywer involved as the clock's ticking on the 90 no-activity delete.
> lawyer will know the correct documents to send over to yahoo as proof of
> their son's death and that his parents have control over their dead
> belongings/estate.
> Perhaps what yahoo *could* do, or *should* do, is remove the 90 day
> time-out on their son's e-mail account until they can have a chance of
> through the courts. Perhaps extend it up to 365 days...
> Exibar

  We're goint to disagree here...

  His parents have no right to access his mail account, period. It's not
theirs, and unless he stated in a will or prior release that these
electronic records should be released...and to whom...they should vanish
when his account does.

  These are not memoirs or a diary, or a bundle of written letters which
could be argued was knowingly left behind with a high probability of
discovery. These are electronic records deposited with a trusted entity
with the expectation of safekeeping and privacy.

  Yahoo "should" violate their own policies in order to facilitate releasing
this email into the hands of people who are not owners of those records? I
think not.

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> Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2004 8:59 PM
> Subject: Re: [Full-Disclosure] This sums up Yahoo!s security policy to
a -T-
> > > If their refusal to release that mail even after their customer is
> is
> > > an indication as to their privacy practices, three cheers for Yahoo.
> > >
> > > Don't you get the whole "slippery slope" thing? If it's ok when
> > > dead (which it's not, my stuff is my stuff...destroy it when you're
> > > I've really shuffled off elsewhere, unless I gave you very specific
> > > instructions otherwise) then maybe it's ok if you are in a
> > > maybe it's ok if you are really sick and someone else is your legal
> > > guardian becaue you've been declared non-compos mentis...then maybe
> > > ok if it's your parents...or your wife...or a concerned neighbor...
> > >
> > > What's in that mailbox is/was mine, none of your business unless I
> > > to share it.
> >
> > i couldnt agree more... another case of lame, illogical media bullshit
> >
> > happy hollidays,
> >
> > m.w
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