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From: J.A. Terranson (measl@mfn.org)
Date: Sat Dec 25 2004 - 11:56:45 EST

Dear Jamie,

        DO NOT set auto-ack messages to respond to MAILING LISTS. Anyone
other than FD would throw you off for this, but since Len runs a sewer,
and doesn't give a shit...

J.A. Terranson
 Civilization is in a tailspin - everything is backwards, everything is
upside down- doctors destroy health, psychiatrists destroy minds, lawyers
destroy justice, the major media destroy information, governments destroy
freedom and religions destroy spirituality - yet it is claimed to be
healthy, just, informed, free and spiritual. We live in a social system
whose community, wealth, love and life is derived from alienation,
poverty, self-hate and medical murder - yet we tell ourselves that it is
biologically and ecologically sustainable.
The Bush plan to screen whole US population for mental illness clearly
indicates that mental illness starts at the top.
Rev Dr Michael Ellner
---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2004 06:01:42 -0500
From: No Name <Jami.L.Blume@FRB.GOV>
Subject: Jami L Blume/BOARD/FRS is out of the office.
I will be out of the office starting  12/24/2004 and will not return until
I will be out of the office through Friday, December 30th.  If you have a
HMDA question, please call the HMDA assistance line at 202-452-2016.  If
you need assistance with a web update, please contact Pamela Friedt x7546
or Dat Nguyen x1943.  Thank you.
Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
Charter: http://lists.netsys.com/full-disclosure-charter.html

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