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From: Kyle Moffett (mrmacman_g4@mac.com)
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 22:19:28 EST

On Dec 14, 2004, at 21:23, Adam Denenberg wrote:
> i think you guys are all right. However there is one concern. Not
> clearing out a UDP connection in a firewall coming from a high port is
> indeed a security risk. Allowing a high numbered udp port to remain
> open for a prolonged period of time would definitely impose a security
> risk which is why the PIX is doing what it does. The linux server is
> "reusing" the same UDP high numbered socket however it is doing so
> exactly as the firewall is clearing its state table (60 ms) from the
> first connection which is what is causing the issue.
> I think a firewall ought to be aware of such behavior, but at the same
> time be secure enough to not just leave high numbered udp ports wide
> open for attack. I am trying to find out why the PIX chose 60 ms to
> clear out the UDP state table. I think that is a random number and
> probably too short of a span for this to occur however i am still
> researching it.
> Any other insight would be greatly appreciated.

60ms is certainly _way_ too small for most UDP traffic. With something
that, OpenAFS would die almost immediately. I think the current OpenAFS
minimum is like 20 minutes, although somebody patched the OpenAFS
source to send a keepalive every 5 minutes, so it could be reduced.
sending a keepalive every 60ms would take a _massive_ amount of
bandwidth even for one client, think about a couple hundred :-D. Heck,
even seen pings on a regular basis that take longer than 60ms, which
means that even an infinitely fast kerberos server wouldn't respond
enough :-D.

Kyle Moffett

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