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From: Victor Duchovni (Victor.Duchovni@MorganStanley.com)
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 14:37:41 EST

On Thu, Dec 16, 2004 at 11:25:30AM +0100, Emmanuel Lacour wrote:

> > It does no such thing, not only do I remember it, but I also understand
> > that truncation of the result set is wrong, and have checked the current
> > release to make sure the code is correct. Please post detailed evidence
> > of the expansion_limit silently truncating the result set at the limit
> > rather than generating a lookup error. I have clear evidence to the
> > contrary:
> >
> And you're right, and I'm sorry for disturbing your brain... :/

I just hope that in the future you can be a bit less sure *that* something
you think is true, is really true, when you don't know *why* it should be
true. By all means be confident when you have both experience (practice)
and a-priori reasons (theory) to back up your opinions, but be more
humble if either or both are missing.

> 1931932C82: to=<postmaster@foo.net>, relay=virtual, delay=82, status=deferred (virtual_mailbox_maps: lookup postmaster@foo.net: Success)
> But ... is it possible to have another message thant "success" ??

The error message reports both the problem and the error string that goes
with the "errno" from the last failed Unix system-call, this is often
useful. In this case "errno" is 0, and the corresponding message is
"Success". Perhaps there should be special code to leave out the error
message when errno == 0, but there are bigger fish to fry just now.

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