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Secure Mail Suite Screenshots
Mail configuration main menu
Generate user level certs for travelers
An up to the minute status on your queue
Easy to keep tabs on all the virtual domains
Check the queue status on individual messages
Configure and update virus signitures with one click
Add a sender to a blacklist or a mailing list to a whitelist
Add a footer to all email messages
Change local languages and point values to ensure SPAM is properly marked
Reporting and Security all in one screen
View all quarantined messages
All your mail server reports in one spot
Enable and customize RBL checks
Filter email by content
View and forward an individual quarantined message
Easily add addresses to your global addressbook
Set up a TLS server
Setup your LDAP server
Create and manage mailing lists
Make yourself a global addressbook
Define legitimate recipients who may receive mail on this server
Secure Mail Suite control panel
Edit SMTP access controls



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