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EnGarde Secure Linux Screenshots

Virtual Host Management

Effortless Virtual Host Management
Fill in a few fields to quickly create an SSL secure Web site
Create an SSL host and generate a server certificate
Enable WebMail with one easy step
Provides the power to configure every aspect of your website


Access to every network resource can be configured here
Create Email Secure IMAP and Secure POP Certificates for the ultimate in secure email
Fine-tune access to the Guardian Digital WebTool
Enable or disable the firewall and determine which firewall port forwarding modules are loaded.
Edit the system-wide login banner
Automatically forward requests for service to a host behind your firewall!
Control system access, monitor built-in Tripwire data integrity, configure firewalling and port forwarding, manage mail certificates, and more.

System Management

Create local users and manage their access to the system.
You won't find the power, security, and ease-of-use in any other Open Source Internet application.
Choose the name of your new email domain, type it in, and begin using it. Configure email aliases and recipients with ease.
The Secure Shell provides local access through an encrypted tunnel for power users to leverage all the benefits of a true Linux system.
Configuring network services has never been so easy.
Transferring files using FTP can be enabled easily, as well as controlling bandwidth allocated to each user!
No need to understand complicated terminology. Type in the hostname and associated IP address to publish your name on the Internet.
Access control that is built in, not bolted on. Choose permitted users from a pull-down list, or add new ones.

System Backup

Give your backup archive a name, choose directories or files, and you're done.
Query the contents of an archive among the ones available, view changes since the last backup, or restore individual files or a complete archive.
Select predefined archives to ensure no files are missed.

System Auditing

View detailed graphs showing processor utilization, user utilization, CPU temperature, system temperature, inbound/outbound traffic, and much more.
Enable or disable all system services.
Take a quick peek at which system process are currently running, or get detailed stats.    


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